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2.7 Billion MORE IoT in 2017 

16 Feb, 2018 in News

In 2017 alone, there were 2.7 Billion more IoT devices that came online. With the increase in devices, businesses (both knowingly and unknowingly) had a threat landscape grow in size. 

Within the first 6 months of the year, breaches had already grown 164%. Looking at the follow snippet from an article from information age, we see that 2018 will continue to be a source for new devices, and new threats. 

"Unfortunately, the silver lining’s not yet in sight. 2.8 billion more IoT devices will come online in 2018, and individual data breaches are now costing larger enterprises on average $1.3 million, and small and medium-sized businesses $117,000, according to a Kaspersky Lab Report."

What can be done?

We recommended a multifaceted approach to a security posture, however, to take IoT specfically we look at the strong playbook of Forescout technologies. ForeScout’s IoT solution provides agentless visibility, classification and control of IoT devices, allowing our clients to:

  • Discover IoT devices the instant they connect to your network—without agents. See how.
  • Classify and profile devices, users, applications and operating systems. Listen to a customer.
  • Assign devices to secure VLAN segments and monitor behavior. Gain control.

How to try it?

Like many technologies, the easiest way to see what's at risk is to proof of concept new tooks in your environment. We frequently implement POC's with Forescout for Client's to get access and insight to just how many devices are on their network. 

Spanning to the beginning of our article - that can be known - and unknown!!

To discuss the many facets of security that we provide, or discuss NAC, Deception Based Threat Detection, MicroSegmentation, Visibility and much more, let's connect. 

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