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Bold 2018 CX Predictions

25 Jan, 2018 in

In the Genesys article Heralding a new era of Customer Experience Paul Segre, Author and CEO Genesys, lays out his three CX predictions for 2018. Cosumer trends and industry insight leeds the Genesys CEO to continue to inspire his team to focus on.

Predictions for the coming year

1. Artificial Intelligence Will Make Contact Center Agents Even Better

2. Big Data and the Cloud Uncover Valuable Customer Insights

3. Augmented Reality Will Become a New Customer Service Channel

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How AI has made it's way into CX

Artificial Intellitence has been seen skyrocketing through 2016 and 2017 with personal devices taking a large market share. Paul explains how he believes AI will be intragrated into CX practices.

"We see chatbots, predictive routing, orchestration and human agents coming together to automate interactions both in self-service and with augmented agent experiences. In other words, contact centers will use chatbots to handle common issues much more frequently, enabling human agents to spend time resolving more challenging customer issues."

Big Data is Everywhere

It's no surprise that the amount of data being consumed and created is exponential to previous years. But how can the CX industry use the data to it's advantage? Paul states,"The real power of the data lies in the predictive capabilities it provides. And, this year — if they haven’t done so already – companies will be looking for a solution that can help them tap into that data, analyze customer history and behavior to deliver highly responsive, predictive, fully contextual and efficient service. This is the only way for brands to deliver the kind of hyper-personalized experience customers will increasingly demand."

Augmented Reality for Troubleshooting

The term AR can mean many different things today. In movies, planning and even manufacturing, AR tools are being used to enhance experience, reduce error and improve QoS processes. The prediction of Genesys that AR will be coming into CX is actually already coming to light. 

Companies including Apple, Amazon, Facebook and more, are gicig customers power at the tip of their hands to solve problems remotely, removing the need for agents. 

This about this...Paul asks, "What if you could simply point your tablet or smartphone at the printer and AR overlays would help you troubleshoot the issue yourself? Or, consider a hologram popping up on your banking app to answer basic questions about a new car loan."

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