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BYOD, a thing of the past?

23 Aug, 2015 in News

The number of devices per user coming into the workplace (or work environment) today is increasing. The term BYOD was coined as cell phone use (Apple or Android) starting flooding into the workplace in the early 2000's.

In the strongly worded statement above, "is BYOD a thing of the past", there should be a subsequent line that reads, "Yes, as it makes way for BYOx". BYOx has been the latest trend in as "Bring your own everything" encompasses the need for enterprises to support not only mobile devices but tablets, applications, phones and portable laptops running on different platforms.

So what is everything? What is X? TechTarget does a phenomenal job showing us exactly what BYO...we need to be prepared for:

  • bring your own device (BYOD
  • bring your own apps (BYOA)
  • bring your own encryption (BYOE)
  • bring your own identity (BYOI)
  • bring your own technology (BYOT)
  • bring your own network (BYON)
  • bring your own wearables (BYOW)





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