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Cloud - an expected consumable

12 Jul, 2019 in News

The cloud conversation has made a major shift in the last 5 years. What was once the "as a service" time period where companies touted their product "as a service" has transitioned into an expectation that your service can be on premise or in the cloud. 

Conversations in organizations are now more about the strategy, timeline and action to move to the cloud and less about the desire to do it. The discussion spans the Data Center, Security, Telephony and Management tools.

Do we need it? Can we do it? How difficult will it be, what is the cost to incur and the cost savings? Looking back on the last year, we see that it's becoming a staple in organizations, not just something on the IT whiteboard.

Hybrid cloud adoption grew 3X in the last year, increasing from 19% to 57% of organizations surveyed.

The buzzword "cloud" is becoming not so much buzz and more mainstream, as seen in some of the research found by the recently published report, Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky: The State of Cloud Adoption and Security(25 pp., PDF, opt-in). Late last year Intel Security surveyed over 2,000 professionals for its annual cloud security research study.

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