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CX and Audio Branding

21 Oct, 2019 in

Recently, the CMO of Target spoke about his refocus on Audio Branding. The caption from his feature in the Drum, brings interest to the CX community because of his comment on the help desk. 

What are you Hearing?

"Gomez said he is turning his attention to the re-emerging market practice of audio branding.

“With our brand, we have a really clear point of view on how it shows up visually ... so when you see a piece of content you go, ‘that’s Target’,” he said. “Part of that is casting and the lighting and the craftsmanship but sound is really important, and we believe sound is going to be increasingly important.”

Speaking at the annual ANA Masters of Marketing conference, Gomez said the company’s interest in audio will extend beyond just marketing.

“When we you walk into a store, what are the sounds that you’re hearing?” he explained. “When you interact with a store team member, what are they saying? When you call the help desk, what’s the music that you hear?"

What about the Contact Center Associates?

Although the branding of the sound and quality of being on hold or in queue is important, let's dig in a little bit deeper, using Chick Fil A. Many articles have discussed their focus on just simply saying "My Pleasure". The interaction with employees is key here for the overall experience. 

Although Gomez does touch on the store interactions and the sound when you call into the help desk, what about the tone and vocabulary that the contact center agent uses. 

It's time for CX leaders to pull in different teams, and place the value on the contact center that it deserves.

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