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CX; Letters worth gold

18 May, 2016 in News

Expressions-11.jpgCustomer Experience (CX) can be key to an organization's success and sustainability but it can also have a negative impact on business and reputation if not done properly. Many consumers will report that they've even stopped doing business with a company after experiencing poor customer service.

There are detrimental effects of not having a plan or with not maintaining changing habits of your customer's needs - but the opportunity to retain a loyal client base is ten fold. On that brighter side most customers base their experience on how they think they are being treated - so if done well, CX odds can be highly in your favor.

How does a company put CX at the top of the list, knowing that the way consumers want to gain information, access and products is changing non stop due to technology?

First, it's important to look at the 5 trends of technology that are effecting CX. From a recent feature by Interactive Intelligence, they stated that the 5 tech trends redefining Customer Experience are:

  1. Multimodal

  2. IoT

  3. Data Science

  4. Bots

  5. Microservices

Breaking down each item further is the first step to understanding how your CX strategy could be affected by the changing technology environment. 

Product, Price, Placement and Promotion may still be key initiatives to a marketing mix for your organization but having a customer defect due to a poor experience made those 4 P's irrelavant along with those costs.

For more information on these 5 trends effecting CX, contact us to whiteboard! 


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