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CX Week & festivities

05 Oct, 2018 in News

This week around the globe companies celebrated customer experience. Our clients used theme days, special training sessions and unique treats. As we traveled site to site, bringing cookies to some of our CX friends, we got to hear about the fun activities. 

Having a little fun

Supervisors across the state had fun dreaming up a week of activities to add a unique twist to a normal work week. Items included:

  • Theme days - sports, Hawaiian, lumberjack or superhero
  • Special treats - cookies, donuts or sponsored lunches
  • Prizes - TVs, 

Recognizing accomplishments 

On top of celebrating this week, clients took the time to recognize their employees with awards for jobs well done, and accomplishments above and beyond the "normal" expectations of employees. Do you have a CX hero you'd like t recognize? Click below to enter them into the Genesys monthly recognition contest.

Enjoying eachother 

In a fast paced agent or contact center environment, sometimes it is difficult to celebrate similarities and differences. One client took the time to let agents choose cultural or traditional foods or celebrations to bring into the office. Potluck day made a myriad of foods look like a festive celebration, while where your favorite hat day, led to lot's of questions and conversations around all parts of the office!

See how the Genesys team celebrated here: 

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