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Digital Transformation

07 Sep, 2017 in

Many times the marketing department is the one touting a digital transformation for your business but we are hearing it more today in IT than ever before. While Marketing departments are taking the web presence, communication channels, advertising directives and press communications to the next level online for their "Digital Transformation", this mindset is also being used in IT.

The term digital transformation should have a place in your IT budget and planning for 2018 as it relates to arming your organization. 

As referenced in this article "The Pathway to Digital Transformation Runs through IT" the core of these digital projects begin with the foundation from IT. 

How is IT being affected?

  • With more data comes more need for storage
  • Increases in production and development from ecommerce and marketing increases demands on server utilization
  • Dev Ops teams are tasked with additional roles 
  • Bandwidth and QoS is becoming an expectation not a nice to have

Digital Transformation - DT - for short is growing. If your organization needs assistance putting together your plan, let's set up a discovery call to discuss. 


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