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Emerald Campus Sparks IT Student Interest

20 Dec, 2018 in News

iQ Solutions Group (iQSG) Dublin, OH - iQSG donated Video Collaboration equipment to the Dublin City Schools, Emerald Campus, to help support their vision of empowering students to take control of their future with a variety of innovative and unique educational options. These opportunities presented to students at this unique campus, strive to meet the individual interests and needs beyond a traditional classroom. 

The equipment, valued at just under $10,000, will allow the campus to utilize technologies to conference in specialists, connect to other classrooms around the world, or simply explore the technology itself. One of the founding Principals of iQSG, Tom Richardson, comments that “Collaboration in the classroom is key to sharing with students how they can connect and relate as business professionals long term. The Emerald Campus supports growing young IT students into young adults with unique business acumen. As a company with a Dublin footprint, we appreciate the efforts by the school district and newly launched campus.”

Through Career Exploration Academies the Emerald Campus offers Biomedical Academy, Dublin Business Academy, Dublin Teachers Academy, Engineering Academy, IT Academy and Young Professionals Academy. Like the city they reside [Dublin] who was recently award as a finalist of the world smart cities awards, Dublin City Schools strives to be a world-class organization. To do this, they dedicate resources to staying on the cutting edge of technology, workforce development, educational methodologies, and the latest, best thinking on a wide variety of topics. iQSG is excited to support their mission and mark they are making in the education marketplace. 

"We are grateful for the generosity of IQSG in donating equipment to support our efforts in developing young people with the knowledge, skills, and habits to be successful in our rapidly changing world. Partnerships between businesses, schools, and higher education is the formula for success of our new economy. As technology changes, schools need continual guidance to keep up with what the current demands that industry requires. Helping us to have cutting edge technology enables us to keep students current on the skills needed in their future work." -Kristy Venne, Director, Emerald Campus.

Learn more about the campus here: Emerald Campus General Flyer (2)

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