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Flash Storage – right for you?

13 Jul, 2015 in News

Article by: iQSG Chief Architect Jim Meek

Why all the hype around Flash Storage? Well, it is the first performance boost in Disk Technology in past 15 years! Until now, if you wanted to scale performance for applications, you had to continuously add disk drives to get more performance.

A standard 15,000 RPM drive can deliver ~ 150-180 IO per second. Since 1997, Moore’s Law has taken the speeds of busses and processor through the roof, doubling every 2 years, while drive speeds have not changed. Now with Flash, we are able to deliver 5600 IOPS; no longer do we require more drives to meet performance requirements.

stars-1128772_1920.jpgThe downside to flash (yes unfortunately there is one) is its’s cost. Flash disk has a place in the Data Center, but where and how is still an effort in understanding your data requirements as the “value” of your data changes over time. There are some all Flash Array vendors that advertise “all applications can benefit from an all flash system!”
Let’s look at that statement more deeply to see if an all flash solution is the best 100% of the time. For a comparison example, a race car is built for single purposes, to go incredibly fast, corner well and seat 1 to 2 . But, would you take your kids and family to the movies in a 200 mph Ferrari? No, it’s not realistic. You need would need your mini-van to fit everyone and get there safely.

Essentially you need a hybrid model. A similar idea can be prosed in the world of storage. A hybrid storage system allows you to have a mix of high speed flash for your most critical performance hungry applications and slower larger SAS or SATA disk drives with larger capacities like a mini-van that can handle slower speeds but is good enough for your NAS, Backup to Disk or other long term archiving needs or retention needs.

Which design is right for you?

With a free storage assessment, iQSG can help identify your most critical applications and your overall data usage patterns to design a solution that best meets your needs. Your data management cost will be kept in line with the value of your data and provide the right business value to your customers at the right speeds.

Flash is the greatest thing to happen to storage in a long time, but where, where, and how you use it still makes a difference and there is not a one size fits all approach to true data management strategy.

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