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Has Customer Service Really Changed?

16 Jun, 2017 in Insider

A foundation of iQSG's success, how do you think Customer Service has changed over the years? With the introduction of omni channel solutions in the marketplace, customer want to enact in different means, ways that are more convenient at the time, more benenficial to their schedule and allows them to share the information quickly and easily. 

So with all of the changes in the ways we communicate, has the delivery of giving our clients and customers the same level of customer service changed?

We'd argue, no!

Shep Hyken agrees  references a strong quote in his article, What has changed in customer service?

"If you look at what customer service is, it is the same as it was fifty years ago. And, it will be the same fifty years from now. Customer service is just a customer needing help, having a question answered or a problem resolved. And, in the end the customer is happy. That’s it. When it comes to the customer’s expectations, they are the same. In other words:

Nothing has changed in customer service!"

customer service principles.png

iQSG has a strong foundation of customer support and we encourage the increase in customer service through the technologies we use and provide to our clients. 

Although the baseline of service levels should not change, the means to accomplish your customer service goals are changing. As seen in our previous blog, there are now "Omni Channel Expectations" to adhere to. 

So what has changed in customer service...not a thing!

Shep Hyken content used from his post, What has changed in customer service?


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