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How are we different?

10 May, 2018 in News

At iQSG we help clients answer this question everyday. We help consult, strategize and offer projects that allow them to differentiate - their team, their department and ultimately their impact on their company. 

But let's flip the coin around...

How are we different? How does iQSG set ourselves apart from the competition in the marketplace?

Well we are happy to share our process (see our colorful chart here!) and more than willing to tell you about the strategic partnerships we have with leading vendors (here), but to put it simply, these are the 5 things that set us apart. 

1. Customer Experience

At the heart of iQSG, we employ staff that care about the outcomes of their client projects. Building relationships to us, is not just part of the job, but it's part of our duty. We know that each individual we work with has tasks, assignments, and project goals that they want to report on. iQSG team members also know that at the end of the day, the success and accomplishments that our clients feel should be because we helped them succeed. 

2. Vendor "Agnostic" approach

Just as no two snowflakes are the same, neither are two IT departments or company's alike. That's why iQSG stays on the forefront of new technology changes, adding in solutions as they become relevant to our client needs as well as industry specific solutions. 

3. Holistic Solution Set 

When considering the IT landscape, each piece and part is intertwined to impact one another. Choppy experience on your VoIP? Could be your poor network design. At iQSG we deploy a team of Architects and Engineers that work fluidly together to bring solutions to the table that eloquently tie IT structures together. 

4. The Project "race" from Start to Finish 

The art of a well designed racecar stems from an idea, a plan, implementation and upkeep. Similar to that process, iQSG can help our clients through all phases of that journey, bringing to light new technologies, development an architecture, configuring and deploying as well as managing that infrastructure long term.

5. Thought Leadership 

Leaders of the company have been referenced in published magazines, and helped to grow a fast 50 company. Through leadership inspiration, all members of the team strive to bring continual learning and exploration for our clients. 

It is with these 5 values that the iQSG team impacts the mid west IT space. 

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