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iQSG Expands Portfolio; Talari

07 Aug, 2017 in News


Columbus, OH – August 7, 2017 — Columbus, OH based iQSG, an IT Solutions Consulting firm, announces the addition of Talari Networks into their strategic partnership network of more than 20 marketing leading vendors, to meet needs of their clients and the ever-changing IT industry. 

The additions come at a time when conversation about traditional network infrastructure has made a shift into advanced technologies and architectures like SD-WAN. With the dynamic and quick growth of real time applications, cloud computing and distributed workforces, it’s imperative that responsiveness and productivity within organizations stay at their most heightened levels.

Because of these focuses, business leaders are making a shift in how they look at their Wide Area Network (WAN) to better address this shift. 

“Being ahead of the changing market is how we help our Clients succeed. In an environment that is in constant fluctuation and heightened demand, Businesses are being tasked with much more than previously expected. Our company finds it both imperative, and our duty as advisors, to arm our Clients with the tools they need to protect, innovate and help their company’s excel,” Comments Tom Richardson, iQSG Principal Owner.

Talari Network is a trusted SD-WAN technology and market leader. They engineer the internet and branch for maximum business impact by designing failsafe WANs that deliver superior business-critical application reliability and resiliency, while unlocking the simplification and cost reduction benefits of branch consolidation. As a strategic partner, iQSG delivers Talari Networks solutions backed by iQ Care support to enable a full SD-WAN business benefits.

“Talari is thrilled to collaborate with iQ Solutions Group to deliver Talari’s innovative SD-WAN solutions to iQ Solusions Group customers,” said George Just, vice president of sales, Talari. “As enterprises continue to adopt SD-WAN solutions, we’re confident that our partnership with iQ Solutions Group will drive growth for both companies, while ensuring customer success for the IT organizations we serve.”

iQSG continues to keep a pulse on the marketplace for their Clients, adopting and adapting to the trends and needs – staying a step ahead.

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