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Hello I'm Kate

06 Apr, 2018 in

iQSG Recently hosted a Customer Experience tech session in Columbus, OH. The event focused on Contact Center Technologies such as Video, Web Analytics and the topic that trumped them all, Artificial Intelligence. 

Strategic Partner Genesys is charging the way on bringing AI into the Contact Center. 

Let's Meet Kate!

Kate combines artificial intelligence, bots, machine learning, micro-apps and more, so Clients can deliver personalized, proactive and predictive experiences. The need for keeping up with customer journeys has become even more complex because of the fast growth of channels and interactions. Bots automate many tasks, but the human touch is critical to the best customer experience. Just ask your customers.

Kate works seamlessly with live agents to solve customer problems faster and more efficiently. We call it “Blended AI by Genesys” and it’s a powerful differentiator for your smart business.

Connect Customer Conversations

Engage in automated conversations with your customers across voice and digital channels. With deep integration to the Genesys platform, Kate improves self-service interactions and enables a seamless transition to assisted service, when needed, that includes all relevant journey history and context.

Personalize Self-Service

Give customers the answers they need, personalized every time. Backed by knowledge management and natural language understanding, Kate’s automated service delivery uses customer data, context and the power of AI. She gets the right answers to customers and agents, creating a consistent experience across all channels.

Create Smarter Agent Experiences

Assist human agents with suggestions on how to respond to customers, including insights into the customer based on sentiment analysis and previous interactions. Kate works with your employees to execute processes and offers guidance on what to do next. Employees build knowledge when they’re backed by Kate, and supervisors learn how to make smarter plans.

If you want to learn more about AI in your Contact Center, use our chat button in the lower corner. You won't get Kate but you will get an iQSG expert!


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