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Being Mindful in a Tech filled World

14 Aug, 2019 in News

There's been more talk recently about being mindful in the things we do. In work, life, and play - doing things with intention and recognizing why we are doing them makes us more aware of accomplishments, but also allows us to do more with purpose. 


What's driving that purpose and helping us along the way? As we look at our careers, as well as personal lives, it goes without saying howtechnology has transformed us. In the way we complete all daily tasks from start to finish, each day is cluttered with technology. 

When considering a contact center space, agents are tasked with a lot, managing calls, chats, emails and different client situations at every turn.


So how is this mindfulness "trend" able to couple with technology and impact contact center agents and environments?

Referencing a great article that was published on - we look at 3 emotional challenges in a contact center and ways mindfulness + tech can positively impact them.

Directly from "Surprising ways mindfulness can improve you contact center" we look at the emotional impact of the job.

  • "Becoming less reactive and more responsive -
    • How many times have you tried to train agents to “listen to understand”? Core to that skill is the curbing of our natural instinct to react, especially when someone is presenting us with a problem. The benefit of being able to regulate emotions and focus clearly on the problem at hand enhances the ability to empathize as well.
  • Increased resiliency -
    • We have all seen agents have one bad call that throws them off for the rest of the day. Not being able to shake off a tough call can taint any number of subsequent ones. Ideally, we want agents to “reset” after a challenging call and carry over little or no effect from the previous call. Mindful breathing is a tool that can help them achieve just that.
  • Focus -
    • Recent studies show that call center agents are maneuvering through as many as six or seven different software programs to find answers and solutions for your customers. Solving an issue for a customer can be likened to spinning plates in a circus act. That balancing act can breed frustration that agents may try to mask, but regardless, it is felt by your customers. When they are able to clear their minds and create pinpoint focus, many of the KPIs you are watching will improve. Traversing the how, when and where to access the right information becomes more fluid. Naturally, the plate spinning frustration will decrease."

 So how to we take technology into consideration for improving the environment one step further?

  • Becoming less reactive and more responsive -
    • Introducing contact center tools that allow for an agent to be handed all information about a client, past orders or experiences, status as a client and even analytics from their recent web searches, allows power into their hands to help serve the client. Being two steps ahead gives the agent clarity and insight into their clients mind, possibly before the concern is asked. Take that for customer service!
  • Increased resiliency -
    • When it comes time to reset after a bad contact with a client, sometimes it's important to switch gears and manage a different platform. Agents who spent time on on the phone all morning could queue into chat or email to gain a different perspective for a bit before jumping back to the phones. 
  • Focus -
    • Compiling an agent desktop to allow for ease of viewing, and pops of information makes the agent more productive. Able to access information how they design and create a dashboard that helps them work, gives agents the flexibility to work as they desire. Taking it a step further and offering wireless headsets to allow for mobile desks, standing workspaces and healthy environments, customizing the agent experience is just as important as the client's omni channel options.

iQSG can help bring technology into your contact center. Premise, cloud or hybrid options that remain flexible for your business needs and offer support to enhance the contact center and ultimately customer experience. 

To learn more, set up time to grab coffee. Schedule 30 minutes with us here!

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