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NetApp Partner Academy Recap

07 Jul, 2017 in News

iQSG employees recently attended the NetApp Partner Academy in Cincinnati, OH. With trending topics ranging from flash to HCI, here's what the team has to say about the session and what's to come!

From our Business Development Managers

"The biggest take away that we will bring to clients is around the next gen data center. Now 18 months after the acquisition of SolidFire, the NetApp portfolio offers traditional NAS and SAN but has been escalated with next gen. Features that stand out on the product line include flexibility, scalability, QoS, security and agility. Through conversation with clients these 5 key points are being discussed in the Data Center but also in common C Level business strategy conversations. The introduction of SolidFire as a storage platform allows businesses to enable their storage team, dev ops teams and lines of business more power."

From our Architecture and Engineer Team

"The conversation of traditional, silo'd infrastructures are changing - and the discussions are coming from the top down. We are seeing it and hearing the need for better solutions in discovery sessions with clients and with this additional player in the marketplace, the introduction of NetApp HCI is a huge accomplishment as the sector continues to advance. The NetApp HCI platform is built upon SolidFire, further strengthening the solution. Unlike other HCI platforms, storage and compute can be added separately depending on use case."

Overall the NetApp messaging came through strongly as their portfolio and strength in the marketplace continues to expand.

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