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Omni Channel Expectations

08 Jun, 2016 in

Consumers now expect the same service and experience they recieve via one organization, to be spread over all types of industries and interactions.

The idea that scheduling a car service or haircut should offer the same flexibility as submitting an insurance claim or buying a product online to some may sound outlandish. But for clients and even employees handling these instances, communications between entities, information available to both parties and ease of use, is an expectation not a luxury. Although some would argue that these offerings depend upon the size, flexibilty, location, technology and staffing of an organization, users desire the experience no matter who they are working with.

Today, channels of chat, text, email, screen share, phone and online transactions should be accessible. "Tomorrow" not only will those current channels be desired, but future means of communications such as messenger, snap chat, instagram, etc. 

Harnessing the power of the cloud, companies of all sizes and staffing can extend these options to their clients. If you cannot today, you're already behind. Just look at the consumer of "now" reacting to technologies of a decade and two ago. 

After the technology platform is in place to handle each varied instance, the importance doesn't just lie in the exchange, but also to understand why they've contacted and what's next. 


After the contact it's critical to understand location in the buying cycle and what type of impact that specific connection could have with your business. Today, there's an open market of recommendations, referals and unfortunately downfalls brought on by customer experiences shared online. Customers aren't afraid to voice their experiences, nor do them in public.

When looking for a technology platform to manage customer interactions, it's critical to also consider one that includes monitoring of social interactions so responses can be quick and consistent. 

Does your organization currently have the tools to handle customer interactions now and in the future?

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