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OT Security

19 Mar, 2019 in News

Strategic Partner Forescout recently acquired a new company into their security platform. Bringing Security Matters into the fold, allows Forescout to broaden the foothold they have onto the Operational Technology side of IT environments. 


As threats expand beyond traditional IT networks, the need to extend security visibility expands to all networks. With ForeScout, you can reduce overall business risk from costly cyber-outages with continuous network-connected device identification and security monitoring. In addition, you can increase operational efficiencies by leveraging a consolidated security platform across campus, data center, cloud and OT environments.

We hear it more and more often, that risks lie not necessarily just in the hands of your employees, but your contractors, third parties and unknowns. So Forescout helps provide those unknowns as knowns. 

How is Forescout doing this?

Their technology can help gain visibility of networked devices that were previously unseen or off limits Increased visibility of connected devices and intelligence of device security posture help you to manage security risk.

Without a proper security solution, a significant percentage of endpoints on networks go undetected. Primarily this is occurring because of the following:

  • Devices with disabled or broken agents
  • Devices with IP addresses but not enough memory to communicate
  • Transient devices undetected by periodic scans
  • Devices not directly connected to the network
  • Guest devices or bring-your-own devices (BYOD)

With ForeScout for OT, you see devices on the network the moment they connect to your network using non-disruptive techniques and without requiring security agents. 

The ForeScout agentless security solution identifies and evaluates networked devices and applications the instant they connect to your network. Using non-disruptive approaches, ForeScout can see what’s on your network from your campus, data center, virtual servers and cloud, extending to your OT environment. With this added visibility and intelligence, you can take steps to identify devices needing passive monitoring and act upon those that can support further security controls.


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