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PAN, not just NGFW

08 Feb, 2019 in News

The iQSG Business Development team recently completed training on Palo Alto Networks security strategy entering 2019. 

With the acquisition of a few companies in the last year, Palo Alto has positioned themselves as a leading Security company, not just a provider of the best next gen firewall. 

Let's review...

Palo Alto Core Competencies

  • Latest version of PAN-OS is 8.1
  • Offer both physical and virtual firewalls
  • Unit 42 Threat Research Team
  • Augment NextGen Firewall offering with security subscriptions
  • Zero Day malware detection via WildFire
  • Global Protect VPN
  • URL & content filtering
  • SSL Decryption

Palo Alto acquires

  • Acquisition was completed in March of 2018
  • is a leader in cloud services infrastructure protection
  • New offering is simply called Evident
  • Agentless, leverages existing cloud control APIs for integration
  • Continuous monitoring of infrastructure services
  • Monitors public cloud storage services
  • Provides for real-time compliance monitoring and reporting

Palo Alto acquires RedLock

  • Acquisition was completed in October of 2018
  • RedLock is a cloud threat defense company
  • Utilize machine learning to deliver real-time risk status for the cloud
  • Allows for Sec-Ops to keep up with Dev-Ops
  • Continuous compliance monitoring and reporting
  • Works with and across major public cloud vendors, AWS, Azure, GCP
  • Makes context-based recommendations
  • RedLock Query language for scripting and automation

AutoFocus Threat Intelligence

  • oReduces the time involved in threat investigations
  • oProvides access to billions of samples collected from WildFire
  • oCombines automated analysis with human analysis from Unit 42
  • oCombines in-house and 3rd party threat intelligence feeds
  • oImproves the speed and precision of incident response

Magnifier Behavioral Analytics

  • Continuously profiles user and device behavior
  • Applies cloud scale machine learning to detect behavioral deviations
  • Utilizes PAN Logging Service to ship logs to the cloud
  • Reduces response time to security events
  • Detects external attacks as well as insider threats
  • Helps with security best practices by reporting on risky user behavior

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