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New Year New Start

16 Dec, 2018 in

As the end of one year is upon us, and beginning of a new one arrives, there is a sense of starting fresh in the air. Some individuals look at each day, month or quarter as pivotal moments in life and for some, it takes looking to a whole new year. 

With the anticipation of a new start, what are some focuses that members of the IT community can focus on in the coming year?

Focus on your well-being

Long hours and unexpected calls are a normalcy in IT, so how does one focus on health and wellness to allow your body and mind the needed attention it deserves? If you are not taking care of your mind and body, overcoming feeling overwhelmed will help you underperform.

Develop a few habits that help you balance out the unexpected - a simple one is just getting plenty of sleep on nights you are able. Arianna Huffington advocates that "the myth of burning out is the necessary price for accomplishment and success" is dangerous. In Huffington's press kit for her recent book, The Sleep Revolution, she cites research from the Great British Sleep Survey that shows "sleep-deprived people are seven times more likely to experience helplessness and five times more likely to feel lonely.

Make sure to leave meetings and conversations clearly

In each meeting or conversation, a clear action list and assignments task should be development and then sent out following. Too many times hour (plus) meetings are held and although it feels like everyone in the room knows what they need to do to get the job done, many times, everyone leaves thinking their fellow colleague was handling the task. 

Understanding your accountability actions as well as your peers will help simple tasks and larger projects stay on point. Plus, you'll leave a meeting feeling like it was truly time well spent!

Ask for help.

This one is easier than it seems. Even if this simply means looking for assistance in planning, execution, meeting agendas, etc, find things that are your weaknesses and delegate or ask for support. The items that you are strongest in will allow you to put the least effort into your work and receive the highest gain. Focus on items that allow you to utilize your talents and ask for help where you may not be as strong. 



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