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IT landscape for 2020

18 Nov, 2019 in

Reflecting on 2019 and prepping for 2020 has included a few technology shifts from the year before. Below we recap the biggest trends, new topics and IT items that have become mainstream not just "trendy" any longer. 

From Year to Year, the Changing Landscape


  • Many organizations are now taking an assumed breach posture. The dynamic of putting barriers up around your castle has changed to now assume there is an insider, or attack that has already transpired. 
  • In 2020 products like Attivo to watch lateral movement and catch intruders, Forescout to see untrusted or wanted devices in your environment and Crowdstrike to respond to virus and threats are going to take a forefront in the Security landscape. 

Customer Experience 

  • With impactful companies making changes in the customer experience space, the expectation of the instant gratification and information at hand gets pulled through all experiences as consumers. The desire to make all retail, service and medical appointments a consistent and thorough experience on the phone, or via desire mode is expected. 
  • More multi-channel offerings like Genesys will be seen being implemented so agents have all information at hand. 
  • Items to help coach and walk the client through processes will be imperative to organizations to have more visibility. 

Disaster Recovery 

  • Planning for DR is multi faceted in today's environment. The trend in 2019 was furthering the discussion on redundancy, storage back-up and even cloud solutions for personnel that can be accessed from anywhere.
  • Designing networks with cloud management and redundant paths will be seen more greatly in 2020.
  • Putting crucial back-ups in the cloud or a second location will be a priority. 

Creating Personal Success in 2020

Productivity masters like Tim Ferris and Michael Hyatt believe daily rituals are crucial to progress and success. Rituals are made up of daily activities that keep you focused on what matters most. They help you maintain a laser-sharp focus on the activities that will help you accomplish your goals. Without daily rituals, you can be more susceptible to distractions. Here are four ritual categories I build into each day. I included some sample tasks, too.

  • Morning Ritual: This is my "me time." I meditate for 20 minutes. I journal for 10 minutes, reflecting on ideas and listing people and things for which I'm grateful.
  • Work Start Ritual: This ritual positions me to make smart choices for the day. It includes writing down my top three priorities for the day, reviewing my calendar, reading (again) my master goal and the reason it is important to me. I also spend time updating my progress on personal and professional goals.
  • Work End Ritual: End the day the same way every time. Work end rituals are intended to prepare you for the next day and to reduce surprises. My ritual for the end of the day includes re-reading my master goal and reasons for achieving it. I also plan the next day.
  • Nightly Ritual: I start the day focusing on me, and I end the day the same way. I write down, again, three things for which I'm grateful. I take my nightly medicine. I read a fiction book to help me unwind before going to bed.

Creating a balance between IT and personal goals and success will prove for a positive start to 2020. 

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