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SDN - Why hasn't it skyrocketed?

15 Feb, 2017 in Uncategorized

The days of silo'd, independent networking is near an end - at least the desire for it is. Having companies move from a traditional 3 tiered data center, to 2, and now even some flat architectures reaches the desire for ease and quickness of response as well as automation. 

Software Defined Networking,SDN, has become an umbrella term for this dynamic way in which switches route requests through the controller, using that to manage data behavior. 

So what are the real life instances of this improving our workloads? We are seeing this through:

  • Provisioning and isolution of networks
  • Wide area traffic management 
  • Storage systems that are more efficient

And when our team recently heard Doug Marschke, founder of SDN Essentials, speak at a tech session, he put his arms around the reason we may not be seeing it as much as anticipated:

"The biggest challenge is that naturally we are opposed to change, and everyone is a bit nervous to cross that chasm from old classic network design to design based on SDN and NFV"

Like many IT initiatives the desire for more consolidated platforms across the IT environment for ease of management, monitoring and reporting is being seen in the movement towards Software Defined Networking. However, the knowledge and structure of the "old" sometimes keeps us from moving towards the future. 




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