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Stop Managing Contact Center Agents

08 Jun, 2016 in

With today's advancements in workforce managment (WFM) tools, there's no longer a need for manual, outdated scheduling spreadsheets and formulas to manage the call center. Turning to a WFM tool allows for more strategic conversations and forecast planning within a business unit. 

Instead of spending time each week asking numeric questions like:
  • How many agents do I need to schedule so that no call has a longer wait time than 1 minute?
  • What number of agents will I need in order do complete inbound calls for the week AND add on outbound calls from our new marketing campaign?
  • What should the seasonal flutuation look like next month?
  • How many phone calls are being handled by each agent?

Allow contact center supervisors to instead ask provoking questions to generate more results such as:

  • How many a more staff do I need to achieve a better conversion rate?
  • Based on my budget, what is the level of service I can provide to my customers?
  • How will an outage affect my customer experience (CX) and how can I plan for it?
  • What are the costs of my business recieving a phone vs. text vs. chat (compared to standards) and how can I increase rates of the less expensive means?

WFM tools can be premise or cloud based to assist in automating processes for time-intensive tasks such as creating forecasts, budgets and capacity plans, accurately create staffing plans by channel type (calls, emails, chats) as well as building a balance between hiring, overtime, and controllable shrinkage with prescriptive analysis.

Stop managing your agents and start generating sales and CX successes.  

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