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17 Aug, 2018 in News

As the school year comes around another year, many look at education a little differently during this season. It's an exciting time, much like the new year with anticipation of starting fresh.

iQSG looks at the coming months with the same excitement and anticipation. Our knowledge series, offers classes, showcases and demos that can be customized or "canned" depending on our client or contacts desired learning path. Experience, trained, certified engineers and architects align to offer these sessions throughout the week. 

The Evolllution discusses the importance of continuing your education as a professional and individual.

"The nature of postsecondary learning is changing. Americans still want and value degrees, but the shifting nature of work and the demographics of those who go to college increasingly requires different modalities and new academic products to meet demands. Continuing and professional education units at many colleges and universities are well attuned to these changes and are both nimble enough and entrepreneurial enough to lead their institutions to address them. The following are a few examples.

A common criticism from students and employers is that the knowledge students gain in college is not relevant to work. Adult students especially want to learn how to apply new knowledge and skills so that they can use them to improve their professional prospects. One pedagogy that addresses this directly is competency-based education or CBE. In most competency-based programs, students focus on demonstrating mastery of their knowledge and skills through authentic assessments: tests that closely resemble the application of a particular knowledge set or skill in practice.

A number of universities across the country are developing CBE programs. An early adopter, University of Wisconsin-Extension created competency-based programs under the name Flexible Option. Programs in this format focus squarely on learning outcomes, and they allow students who have prior disciplinary knowledge to apply that knowledge to their studies to save time and money. Students demonstrate competence by passing authentic assessments. When they pass, they move through the program quickly until they get stuck. At that point, they focus on learning new information. Students can pursue competency-based degrees, but they can also focus on more targeted credentials, such as a certificate in project management or in substance use disorders. In some cases, they can apply or stack certificates to degrees."

And they are correct, the nature of information to digest and how we want to obtain these tracks are changing. Join us for a knowledge session to improve your career and knowledge posture! 

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