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Tech enables work from home during ER

12 Jan, 2018 in

There is a lot of conversation with today's businesses on work from home agents. But how can your normal in office technologies enable work from home for normal employees in the case of an Emergency, Natural Disaster or Fluctuation in business that catches you off guard?

Below are some easy tech additions you can add to your environment to allow for flexible work from home when needed. 

In “person” meetings via video

With a few clicks of the mouse, adding participants for virtual meetings, or an impromptu call allows a team to converse, as if in person, maintaining scheduled meetings or, creating them ad-hoc, just like a swing by in the office.  

Secure access, remotely

Using VPN, a virtual private network, employers can maintain that employees are accessing sensitive information securely while not inside the perimeters of the office. Easy to launch from laptops, employees are bogged down when needing to spin up their day quickly.

Collaborate from miles away

Sharing files across teams remains just as easy as when in the office. Dropping files, photos or spreadsheets into shared spaces, collaboration tools create organized areas for sharing, commenting and storing ideas.

Phone calls without a phone

The days of needing a hardwired phone are no longer! Yes, having a cell phone at our hands is almost always a guarantee but there’s not a need to turn your personal cell into an office phone with the use of computer softphone. Using audio or audio and visual, calls can be placed and answered all from the computer.

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