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Tech trends pushing healthcare

20 May, 2016 in News

heart-care-1040229_1920.pngFrom access to records, data and personal care plans to security concerns, well known breaches and protecting client records, evolving tech silos of healthcare include 5 categories that we will evaluate and explore below. 

  1. Wearable technology
  2. Big Data
  3. Telemedicine
  4. Security
  5. Ransomware

Improved care of patients has been positively impacted by introductions of new technologies. With the onset of wearable technology to monitor and track status, the doctor and patient can have open communication without speaking. Wearables have become a mainstream item that individuals feed proud to adorn and therefore comfortable tracking. Less time spent at check ups and more information being set to the doctors office, wearables will continue to grow as an important part of the doctor/patient relationship. 

With data from wearables as well as EHR, research pools, etc, access to data both nation and worldwide has changed the way we think about disease and illness. The intersection of medicine and data worldwide allows researchers and doctors to evulate cases not just in a contained area but alongside hundreds or thousands of cases. This transfer and sharing of data has also positively impacted how remote areas can access information. Storage of this information has become a new concern for the industry - where, how much and what kind of back up is needed. 

An additional resource that doctors can use in remote nations and largely rural areas is the advancements in telemedicine. The uses for telemedicine are broadening, from utitlizing the technology for patient doctor visits to calling in specialists across the world to speak specifically on a rare specialty that they understand and have studied. Video communication with additional advancements in telemedicine carts and displays allows long distance collaboration unlike we've seen before. Unique carts created just for this use are being developed for easy deployment. 

Since 2012 security breaches has actually been decreasing - in every industry but healthcare. It's an easy target for cyber criminals, specifically through the use of Ransomware has the industry seen an increase in threats. With the increase in attacks also has come an increase in cyber security plans. Step by step processes as seen here are developed to make sure all aspects are addressed. 


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