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The Analytics behind User Behavior

11 Jul, 2019 in Insider

When you stop and think about all of the data that employees create on a daily basis, emails, database information, files, images, content, and much more, the numbers can be staggering. On top of that add in the analytics behind when and how they've created it and you know have a baseline of their normal behavior. 

But what happens when John Doe in Marketing accesses and shares a file folder that you didn't even realize he had access to? Do you know that? Do you see that? 

Looking at the patterns in those processes, the protected information in those shared emails, the behaviors of normal usage and how triggers of abnormal behaviors could be signs of impending breach. 

What's the risk?

Enterprise data is your biggest, most vulnerable asset, and it’s spans endlessly. How do you create measures and processes to protect it and how do you detect insider/cyber threats? With signs of unusual behavior found in metadata, machine learning and advanced user behavior analytics (UBA) the following processes allow for insight. 

  • Analyzing Data
  • Watching Account Activity
  • Monitoring User Behavior 

The New Normal

How are these unusual signs triggered? By creating a baseline of normal activity, the insight of anything abnormal becomes an immediate alert. What are some of the items used to create that baseline? To name a few:

  1. Working hours
  2. Device Insight
  3. Data Access

It is important to put into place processes and procedures to arm yourself with this knowledge. However, when you consider that 2.5 Exabytes of data are created each day, the best approach is a solution that automates this for you. iQSG partners with Varonis' DATALERT to align this specific solution to our clients need. 

Want to learn more about User Behavior Analytics? We'd love to share more information. 


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