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The Next Gen Data Center

07 Sep, 2017 in

Next Gen is a term being used in many IT capacities but historically more on the networking and infrastructure arenas. 

Today, we see it being used in the Data Center, in Firewall environments as well as more recently for storage solutions. 

As the SolidFire storage platform by NetApp has really Spearheaded the use of this termonology in storage configuration, what are the specifics that they tout as next gen features that should be included in this design?

The 5 features of a Next Gen Data center:

  • Scale-Out
  • Guaranteed Performance
  • Automated Management
  • Data Assurance
  • Global Efficiencies


Being able to build up and not just out has been a long time pain point of traditional storage. The traditional model can be compared to cloning a set of built legos to create more to your infrastructure. With Solidfire's approach to scaling out, build block by block. 

Guarenteed Performance 

With today's importance and reliance upon application, it's crucial to have a system in place that helps maintain and guarentee minimum iops, bursts as well as protects against iops hogs and offers maximums.

Automated Management

No IT team has "extra" time on their hands let along enough most days. Next gen data centers and storage platforms should maintain management platforms that are automated and intelligent, getting you back online in the case of any emergency. 

Data Assurance

When storing your data it's important to protect data with both synchronous and asynchronous replication, along with integrated backup/recovery. A next gen solution should ensure complete data and performance availability regardless of system condition or application activity.

Global Efficiencies

To become efficient, a system should distribute data automatically (no hot spots) with always-on deduplication to eliminate performance impact as data is written.

These characteristics of a Next Gen solution are just the start of your design checklist when evaluating a new storage platform for your environment. Want help designing and documenting your plan? We can help!

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