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The SDDC Journey

22 Jun, 2015 in News

What does it mean to have a Software-Defined Data Center?

The Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC) is an architectural approach extending the virtualization concepts of abstraction, pooling and automation. The SDDC dramatically speeds up and simplifies the initial provisioning and ongoing management of fully virtualized compute, storage, and networking by applying powerful policy-driven automation. This results in transformational levels of speed and agility along with efficiency, control and choice for IT as well as the business.

Customers want strategic partners who can help transform their datacenter and bring value back to their organization. Automation, Management and Self provisioning are all key concepts of a Software defined Data Center

The Customer Journey

For customers, achieving SDDC is a journey; The customer journey is about transitioning IT from being a cost burden to service provider to business partner, and ultimately the Software-Defined Enterprise.




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