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Top Notch Security at Top Golf

09 Nov, 2018 in

The iQSG Security team hosted vendors, clients and security specialists at Top Golf in Columbus, OH. The venue, an intriguing new site for the city, proved a great place to tee up Security topics with LogRhythm and ForeScout. 

iQSG's Strength in Security 

Security in the IT space used to exist at the edge. Just like walls protected castles, Firewalls were the leading barrier between the bad guys and the internal IT space. 

We all know, just as new innovations came, walls weren't enough, moats were introduced, guards, alligators and internal protective measures needed to be added. 

At iQSG we've been on that path, having built an IT Security platform that protects, watches and alerts from all angles. 

Why ForeScout and LogRhythm

Two Gartner leaders in the security space, iQSG hosted our strategic partners for conversations and collaboration with friends and clients. 

Soon after the event, ForeScout announced some exciting news, the purchase of SecurityMatters, a leading provider of visibility in the operational technology or OT space. 

The ForeScout strength has historically been in the campus. However, with it's power in other areas, many clients have deployed in places such as the data center, cloud and operational technology networks. 

Looking at the growing areas in which the ForeScout platform can be used, this acquisition of SecurityMatters provides ForeScout the power in a OT as great as in IT!


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