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Utilize Strengths for greater ROI

18 Sep, 2019 in News

iQSG and Genesys are teaming up to host an exciting morning of growth and strategy. The basis of this content is based on strengths of employees and how to use what you know about their personal skills to maximize their potential and happiness. 

So let's break it down a bit more:

Inherent Strengths

We are all "built" with skills and capabilities that are stronger than others we possess. Take call reluctancy as the measure we are trying to gauge. If you take two people, one who loves being on the phone, dialing out on the phone and discovering conversations with prospects or clients - and the other, who enjoys writing out their thoughts and conversing behind a screen, it should be apparent how we disperse them in a contact center. 

Using Skills and Maximizing productivity 

Take our example above. Understanding that Person A will pick up the phone with no hesitation, come across clearly and has great verbal skills, the outcome of their contacts on the phone will be very strong. If we take Person B and also put them on outbound campaigns, their speed to dial, performance on the phone and conversations will be less, needing time, training and encouragement that A doesn't need. But, taking B and utilizing on a platform like chat or email would require less effort, improve their happiness as an employee and their productivity. 

As those are just simple examples, the idea can be broadened by having employees or teams take strengths tests to learn how to better coach, manage or promote people!

In our session we will dig deeper into these thoughts and ideas.

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