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Why Flash is an APP game changer

07 Jul, 2016 in News

Get_more_time_back.pngWhen critical applications run slow, businesses can be entirely uprooted. The Line of Business, Application team, Network and Storage teams can all be scrambling to find a fix.

And depending on the industry, the performance of apps like CRM, ERP, HCM, EMR have different impacts to the bottom line, customer experience and event the safety of the client or patient. 

Of 100 apps in use, there may be 3 that an organization labels "critical" for business and in many IT environments these 100 apps are all ranked the same "priority" when they shouldn't be. 

An iQSG recommended Flash storage solution by NetApp can help your infrastruture team manage and guarentee capacity for mission critical apps. Keep a silo'd section in your environment for those 3 critical apps, allowing the other 97 to fluctuate and shift with capacity but consistantly protecting those imperative for operations. The solution also touts: 

  • Increase server CPU utilization
  • Consolidate servers and databases
  • Accelerate IT service delivery
  • Deduce database license fees

It's been a game changer for many organizations as seen here, even improving time to market. Flash is becoming more mainstream in the storage environment and seen in hybrid deployments for mixed usage. 


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