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Work from Home - not just a DR strategy

18 Nov, 2019 in

What do we know about this topic?

Today, there are many organizations in different industries rolling out work from home. You don't need to be the most recent tech startup to transition to a WFH model, or offer it to some employees. So what do we know about Work from Home today?
  • The workforce we desire may not be in our backyard (Talent pool)
  • The need for agents to be onsite is not as prominent (Businesses lose $600 billion a year in workplace distractions)
  • Businesses can save money (space, snacks, time from commuting)
  • Mobilizing a workforce in the instance of a disaster can be easier with already geographically dispersed agents
  • Productivity can increase (Best Buy, British Telecom, and many others show that teleworkers are 35-40% more productive)

So with all of these benefits, it leads us to the next question:

Why aren’t more doing it? What we need to overcome

  • How do you train WFH
  • How do you keep WFH engaged
  • Who do you offer WFH to, all, some, specialty?
  • How do you manage technologies and QoS?
  • How do you manage staff that is not under your watch?

There are pitfalls of not deploying a well thought out plan. So let's look at those best practices of laying the groundwork. 

The Foundation 

Among the many benefits here in lie the downfalls, one of the biggest falls being a clear understanding and foundation of a WFH practice. Through our research and conversations, these are the foundational items we've found need to stick. 

  • A concise technology rollout at remote sites 
  • Keeping a team minded culture
  • A team of leaders that is committed to the company and goals 
  • Measurement in those goals
  • An understanding of how and when people should be available
  • A clear training and engagement plan 

Taking into consideration your business goals and objectives, and whether or not the benefits above could be recognized is the key pillar to making the decision about WFH. But when you do, look at laying the groundwork above for a successful deployment. 


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